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Monday, May 4, 2009

Introduction to Firewall Security System

Author: james burns

A firewall is a software application, located at a network gateway server. It offers a unique level of protection from nasty virus and virus infected programs that rely on unwanted incoming traffic aiming at attacking computers. It does so by blocking communications targeting to access your system without your permission.

Some of the operating systems by Microsoft like Windows XP and Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003 offer a free firewall for users to protect their computers. They are known as Windows Firewall and allow connections from home networks and restrict the efforts taken to access your PC.

Windows firewall primarily aims at maintaining traffic between computer networks of different levels. It works the most efficiently if provides with proper configuration. Since, it does not cost to use Windows Firewall which comes bundled with your operating system, you must turn it on.

In case you are opting for the firewalls like Norton, McAfee, Zonealarm, or Comodo, you must choose it according to your work and personal requirements. After selecting the firewall comes it installation. Installing a firewall requires careful consideration and planning because this security system is most often placed in a critical path within a network topology. The next step requires you to configure firewall .

If you have any confusion while installing the firewall, you may contact computer help centers. They are certainly better options than doing the whole procedure wrong. With a high proliferation of online computer support

services, you need not search for them anywhere except the Internet. The list of good computer support centers will come over after you type the keywords such as ‘computer support’, ‘technical support’ or ‘online computer help’.

Computer help centers not only help you with the firewall installation but also get its configuration done in no time. Moreover, they are available 24x7. Some online computer help centers offer you a complete package of computer support services which include everything you want for your computer and its security. All these features make them superior as well as preferable over calling an expensive technician at your premises or taking your system to any computer repair showroom.

About the Author:

I am an online microsoft windows technical support specialist for iYogi, a leading IT support company Headquartered in India, iYogi provides Tech support via phone and remote access for home and small business users globally. Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that we use everyday.

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