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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Out of the Can marketing yes we have seen it all Someone is trying to sell you an Ebook that will make you Rich how many pages are there like this.There is a problem i have with this, the first is if someone knows how to make money online
they are not going to tell you for free.Secondly I hate Ebooks they fill your Hard drive with Crap and i don't want them for free and i will Surely not pay for one.

There is only one way to get traffic that is "hard work" .One must promote their site where ever they can Forums are useful for this but this is what Bugs me about Posting on Forums. I post on a Forum and it comes up in a result.If i promote my Site in the post i Could get kicked out so, Somebody has to 1st Find my forum post in the search and look at it. But maybe the forum is not open and they cannot Read the post. Then i am counting on the chance that they like my post and want to know more that they will click on my profile and view my page.
so this is ok if i am that very lucky that the person searching does this.Just read this from Why forums suck

"For example, someone in a forum might say that he’s had a lot of good experience with Product A to solve a specific problem mentioned in a forum. A proponent of competing Product B might come forward and accuse the other person of being stupid for using Product A, or that Product A is for morons. He won’t provide any facts to back up his argument or, if he does, the facts will be, in reality, more opinions. His purpose is not to provide useful information to other participants or even to answer the original question. His purpose is to bash Product A and the person who suggested it as a solution."

Now your link is lost because two guys are bashing each other what do you do next ?.Another Problem With Forums Is that some have rules About You Must Post 25 times to leave a message this results in Millions of Quick Posts Just so the User Can Send a Message.Because if they Digg Up an Old Thread they will be Called a Troll my advice is If you are Really Interested in A Forum Join it only takes a few Minutes.But the problem is if you join and don't get results "You only Have Trash in Your Mailbox".To avoid these Registrations "click here"

Another thing is if you use enzines you will not get found i done this search if i can't use traffic exchanges what else adsence what happened you can see if you look this result then look at this result and again another result . All on the first page.


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