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Mr Perfect A Comic For all Ages

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is a part of the collection of Mr Perfect a New Book available Soon from Original Writing . The Book Mr Perfect is about a Shrink, Dr Chester Wilkinson.Dealing with His high standard of Values and Idealism make it Difficult for his patients and inconsiderate Sons and the rest of his Surrounding Company to understand The Perfect World that is his and
his ways giving him the title of "Mr Perfect". Resulting in a cross between Family guy and The Simpsons with a touch of Irish humor.

The Authors favorite books include Calvin and Hobbes and Life in Hell
I will also show more Sniplets From this new Comic and the Authors other work if you are Interested please post a comment below .

Getting More Traffic Search is a Joke.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Out of the Can marketing yes we have seen it all Someone is trying to sell you an Ebook that will make you Rich how many pages are there like this.There is a problem i have with this, the first is if someone knows how to make money online
they are not going to tell you for free.Secondly I hate Ebooks they fill your Hard drive with Crap and i don't want them for free and i will Surely not pay for one.

There is only one way to get traffic that is "hard work" .One must promote their site where ever they can Forums are useful for this but this is what Bugs me about Posting on Forums. I post on a Forum and it comes up in a result.If i promote my Site in the post i Could get kicked out so, Somebody has to 1st Find my forum post in the search and look at it. But maybe the forum is not open and they cannot Read the post. Then i am counting on the chance that they like my post and want to know more that they will click on my profile and view my page.
so this is ok if i am that very lucky that the person searching does this.Just read this from Why forums suck

"For example, someone in a forum might say that he’s had a lot of good experience with Product A to solve a specific problem mentioned in a forum. A proponent of competing Product B might come forward and accuse the other person of being stupid for using Product A, or that Product A is for morons. He won’t provide any facts to back up his argument or, if he does, the facts will be, in reality, more opinions. His purpose is not to provide useful information to other participants or even to answer the original question. His purpose is to bash Product A and the person who suggested it as a solution."

Now your link is lost because two guys are bashing each other what do you do next ?.Another Problem With Forums Is that some have rules About You Must Post 25 times to leave a message this results in Millions of Quick Posts Just so the User Can Send a Message.Because if they Digg Up an Old Thread they will be Called a Troll my advice is If you are Really Interested in A Forum Join it only takes a few Minutes.But the problem is if you join and don't get results "You only Have Trash in Your Mailbox".To avoid these Registrations "click here"

Another thing is if you use enzines you will not get found i done this search if i can't use traffic exchanges what else adsence what happened you can see if you look this result then look at this result and again another result . All on the first page.

Problems with online Shopping

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Almost every one of the 8 billion pages on the Internet there is Someone trying to sell you something or telling you how to make money online. But for many people this can be a problem here are some of the reasons why

1 People don't like to give out their credit card number there are the many Reasons.

2 People don't have a Credit Card here are Some reasons why

3 People can' open a Paypal Account because they don't have a Bank Account

4 Bank Accounts are not so easy to open in many European countries.

5 Prepay cards like Ukash and 3V are useless in most cases

6 Prepay Visa is not Available in Every Country despite what you read online.

Yes there are many reasons why many people can't buy online and why that money is not being generated in web sites.Maybe somebody will come up with a better idea someday but until then lots of us have to do without online shopping.

The I.S.P Market and Support

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They provide you with your connection on the Web and you are Supposed to be happy with it.But when you are having problems they are not around to help.I have used some of these sites for an example.take a look at Eircom Broadband.
This Company followed the trend like in most countries of Selling out, Formally a State owned company called Telecom √Čireann,.Now they are Irelands Leading Broadband Provider. OK well if you look at the Quality of the homepage it is no better than a iGoogle or my yahoo page just filled with Widgets and Adsence .Yes the poor Company has to use adsence to produce revenue. Not forgetting a custom search "How Cheap can they be". I know times are a little hard with this ressision but an I.S.P have to use Adsence and custom Search. The problem also with this site is that Broadband it not so easily Availible in Ireland. Yes many people still use Dail-Up. Now imagine that page with it's Flash Advertisements and widgets trying to download with a 56k modem. Yes some poor guy who is having a connection problem is going there to look for help. Happened me lot's of times. I was going to Check my Line for broadband . In Ireland we have an bonus The Goverment has this thing called the National Broadband Scheme.
And all The Dail-up Users Are Waiting for it.

But they don't have to worry because in the meantime the can get Mobile Broadband From hutchison whampoa company i am sure this will work. Now the three website is diffrent because they are really a mobile phone network. this is what support they give . Not much is it and try looking for tweaks for this HSPDA . Not much just people selling you something that nobody knows much about .And no matter how much you search on the web there is no good answer.Yes this is too all I.S.P Providers i guess it's time you provided Us with Some help that is easily Found so we continue to use your products.

Telco Stuff

Flash Advertisment tips

This is annoying on my yahoo and other such things Web pages I just want to see the links and there is this stupid flash advertisement on the screen so I can't see all the links. Yes it's a wonder why I don't use Yahoo so much anymore there a way of stopping these you also get the in live mail, I have seen numereous videos on you tube relating to this and have searched through countless blogs most of them telling all the same thing. Use Adblock plus in firefox the thing is I have it installed so I have to look for another plugin. Or maybe there is another simple solution. Flash ads are Smart and a Plug-in is not going to work all the time.
I am sick searching for ways to stop these so what I do is I just hide them.

Underneath is an ad for example where I have right clicked on a flash ad .All I have to done is Deselect Play and loop and click Rewind and its Gone till the next time you load the page. You must repeatedly do this but it will save you much more time than searching the internet watching you tube videos and restarting your browser for a plug-in that will not work and cause problems with other content you wish to view on the Web.This will not work on all ads but if it works on one, It's one less bugging you.Now here is a song

Are Computers a Help or a Pest ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While I was trying to come up for an idea for this blog. There was one thing I had forgot to do that was strange as it may sound,That was to get away from Technology for a while it seems to distract you from your thought or ideas and kill your creativity. It's very helpful at times but it can become a very disturbing resource in our lives. So far I see I have made two mistakes which I will correct before I publish this but I am not going to correct till I have my thoughts out on this screen. Yes you know what I mean that letter for the job you seen on the Newspaper today, you were coming home on the bus everything was all laid out in your head you were going to go home and write out you application for this position. So you came home a little tired and said to yourself no I have to get this done now. The computer powered up you started your word processor and were getting to work, everything was running smoothly but then you seen a red line under a word OK I didn't spell that correctly then you notice the green lines the grammar is not right. So you do a spell check and find out that the dictionary is not installed instead of ignoring it you go look and do what the computer is telling you to do. Please insert the Microsoft office CD and install the dictionary. But wait you can't find the CD because after the problems you had installing it you threw it to the side and hoped you would never see it again. Then you have everything up and running except your brain. Yes all that waiting and installing has killed whatever confidence in yourself and it's gone now.
On the bus you were Ben Johnston and then came the test to destroy everything.
While i was trying to come

Marketing and Advertising on the Web

Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking Advantage of Traffic Exchanges

Author: Paul Kinder

Traffic Exchange can be considered as one of the usual ways to bring traffic to a site. It is one of the most popular methods in Internet marketing. There are a lot of traffic exchange programs online today and every one of them is really useful.

Since traffic is the lifeblood of the online business or of any site online, then it is essential to really look for ways on how to drive traffic to it. Joining traffic exchange programs is one good way to drive traffic to a site, and since there are a lot of them and a lot of traffic to drive to a site as well, there are ways to take advantage of the benefits one can get from the programs.

Traffic exchange involves a lot of web surfing or browsing in the process. For this reason, a lot of internet marketers recommend using Browsers that have multiple tab options. This is to have several sites running online at the same time and checking each from time to time to click on the next page that could be viewed without really dwelling much on the content of the pages, unless it is enticing enough to see. There is no need to wait for the timer to finish while viewing the page, but just to have the page online until the timer finishes winding.

In addition, the computer to use must be protected from virus attacks. As traffic exchange needs a lot of surfing, a lot of pages will be visited. There are viruses that can affect computers just upon opening a web page. In relation, internet marketers recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox for this as it is highly secured as well, or any other browser that could give enough security for the computer aside from the latest anti-virus software.

It will also be a great help to use a broadband internet connection with traffic exchange. This type of connection has higher speed than dial-ups and really helps to load pages faster. The timer in viewing a page to get credits start just after a page is already loaded. It will take more time to start loading a page if the connection is unnecessarily slow.

Furthermore, the computer specifications also have a big part with the speed of web surfing. A machine with more memory, hard drive space and fast processor is a good one to use. It must also undergo system maintenance from time to time to make it work efficiently.

On the other hand, it is best to interact with other internet marketers from time to time. This is to learn good suggestions in being successful with the online business. There are a lot of people who loves giving advices in forums and it is best to keep in touch with them. It would even be better to check on what they are currently doing to promote their businesses online.

These simple ways will greatly help in maximizing the use of traffic exchanges. Having a squeeze or splash page that is fresh and enticing enough to get potential customers would also be best. Once the lifeblood of the online business is already streaming towards the site, it could be said that the business is having a good start.

About the Author:

Paul Kinder has been with Traffic Exchange for years. His business supports free traffic generation and helps a lot of businesses. To know more about it, see free traffic

Article Source: - Taking Advantage of Traffic Exchanges

More Marketing and Internet Advertising

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Author: amdigital

New Membership Site offers $10,000 in Ads at 54 cents an Ad

A Brand New Membership Site that has every place online and off where you can get $10,000 a day in ads – but for a whopping 95% OFF!

You can literally get ads for just 54¢ an ad that would otherwise costs you $1,000’s

You’ll see PROOF in a moment!

But what you need to know most is this:

o You get $10,000 in ads (DAILY!)
o You can get them in 50,000 places all over the World!
o You can place them all with just 1-3 clicks from
inside your own Membership Super-Center using just
your mouse!
o You get another 30,000 places in FREE ads!
o You get limitless FREE Traffic Sources!

And again, it all comes in a very easy-to-use Members Area you get your own private Username & Password LOGIN to!

It’s rumored that the husband and wife couple who operate the site may either LIMIT how many people are allowed in, or at the very least “choke” down the flow of new Members so as not to let just anybody get in.

It’s also been said that they may stop offering anymore Memberships after some time (and without notice) just to keep competition “alive and well” (but who really knows?)

Regardless of which, it’s understood that once you’re in, *YOU’RE IN!*


Here is the link in case you’re smart and want in just like me and the few others who’ve found this so far:

**Just DON’T be shocked in case when you get there they’re closed to any “NEW” Members!

About the Author:


Article Source: - Membership Site offers $10,000 in Ads at 54 cents an Ad

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Downloading the Best Free Spyware Removal Software is Essential For Cyber Theft!

Author: D. Grace Pruitt

At a moments notice, something has gone completely wrong with the way your computer is now functioning, if this is the case, I suspect foul play with a recent download you might have done? If you suspect that this is indeed the case, then you've just adopted yourself a malicious adware, virus or a sneaky spyware.

Everyone surely knows how dangerous viruses can be. It can shutdown the entire computer that will cost the individual a lot of money just to have it repaired. That's when you will need to get NoAdware V4. But what about spyware and adware? How dangerous are these?

A savvy program developer can create programs such as Spyware to go out and transmit certain private information back to them to use. This stolen information includes credit card numbers, bank transactions and other private information etc. The program developer has now obtained all of your information to use for his/her own personal or financial gain. Yikes!

Now let's talk about adware shall we, this little pest will constantly show annoying pop up ads even if you did not actually click on that particular site. It will even go as far as having you to believe that it is a virus on your computer and if you click on its adware link, it will not get rid of the adware, but only create more problems...very sneaky.

You will find that computer viruses and adware mostly happen in ordinary homes and in savvy business offices, whereby software firms have to constantly create a variety of Free trial spyware removal program versions to help fight and combat these threats. As such, the software will be created to first, eliminate any existing viruses and adware from your computer and then finally place a firewall block on your system to prevent fututre entry and attacks.

Of course some of the virus removal programs are free while others are not free and are usually made and sold by major corporation. Spyware adware removal software can either be purchased and downloaded online usually through a free trial or at your local office supply store. It is ideal to have a software program that can fight off spyware and adware to prevent further damage to your computer. And because there are new threats happening everyday, software designers have now come up with continuous updates that will be automatically uploaded keeping all systems working efficiently.

Why choose to pay for virus removal software when you can download it for free online right now? Both paid and free versions have similar functions and features and perform the same when removing threats. It is able to quickly identify and remove malicioius adware and spyware along with other common known threats such as worms, Trojans, dialers and more!

When choosing to download a free version of a virus removal software, you may want to be very careful. There are plenty of bogus anti-virus remover programs on the net and when downloaded, they will cause more harm to your computer than imaginable. I've already named one good removal tool such as the "NoAdware", but if you opt for something different, please be sure to do thorough research first before installing any other removal program on your computer. Unless of course the non-free version comes from a well known reputable company like Microsoft or Symantec. Nonetheless, you should not go without a good virus protection installed on your computer. Not doing so will lead to computer crashes, possible cyber theft and more importantly, money out of your pocket for expensive repairs!

About the Author:
Is your computer being affected by the sneaky virus threats? To learn much more about the different types of spyware and adware threats and how a Free Malware Remover could fix the problem, please visit where you can learn more about the fixes for these type of computer threats and download NoAdware for FREE.

Article Source: - Why Downloading the Best Free Spyware Removal Software is Essential For Cyber Theft!

What is the purpose of a Firewall?

Network Security: Firewalls

Author: Stephen Grisham Sr.

Firewalls are absolutely vital for keeping network security in force. The firewall stops and controls the traffic that comes between your network and the different sites you go to. A firewall is a constituent of a company's network protection, and it acts to keep in force the network security policy. It can log inter-network activity with efficiency. It can also reduce a network's vulnerability. Whenever an organization is connected to the Internet but is not using a firewall, any host on the network has direct access to all resources on the internet. If you don't have a firewall, every host online can attack every host in your network.

What is a Firewall Incapable of Doing?

Firewalls can't always detect malicious data. For the most part they cannot offer any protection against an attack from inside, although they may log network activity should the criminal use the Internet gateway. A connection that doesn't go through a firewall cannot be protected by a firewall. To put it another way, if you connect directly to the internet via modem, there is no way the network firewall can protect you. Some firewalls cannot protect from viruses. Firewalls also cannot totally protect against previously unknown attacks; while a simple firewall provides little protection against computer viruses.

Firewall User Authentication or Verification

You establish a claimed identity's validity via user authentication. The use of a password and user name can provide this authentication; however, it is not really strong authentication. When you use a public connection, for example if you have a connection to the Internet that is not encrypted, your user name and password can easily be copied by other people and replayed. Powerful user authentication makes use of cryptography, for example SSL certificates. A certificate of this sort can prevent "replay attacks" from occurring. A replay attack happens when a user name and password are captured and used again to gain unauthorized access.

Firewall-to-firewall encryption

A connection that is encrypted is sometimes called a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. Cryptography makes this more or less private. Of course it isn't really private. The information may be private but it is sent on a public network -- the Internet. While VPNs were available before firewalls were, they became more common when they began running on firewalls. Today, most firewall vendors offer a VPN option.

Additional Purposes of Firewalls

  • Increasingly, firewalls are being used for purposes of content filtration. Virus scanning is a common addition to firewalls in this area as well. Though this may be a waste of resources, because filtering for viruses needs to be carried out by every computer since information might be transmitted to these computers via routes besides through the firewall itself - for example, via separate disks.
  • URL Screening: Firewall regulated accessibility to the internet as well as content filtering of both files and messages appears to be a practical extension of a firewall. The drawback of utilizing a firewall for URL or content filtering is minimized performance.
  • To restrict the size of network space that any single user can occupy, or restrict the amount of the network's bandwidth that may be utilized for given purposes.
About the Author:

Stephen Grisham, Sr. is a copy writer for InfoServe Media, LLC. InfoServe Media is a Houston, TX web design and web hosting company. Want to create your website yourself? InfoServe Media also offers a way to create a web site yourself with a very powerful and easy to use site builder. They also provide domain registration, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

Article Source: - Network Security: Firewalls

Should You Have a Firewall?

Plotters are constantly in the prowl for innocent, unprotected computers. Internet hackers use all sorts of codes such as viruses, worms, and Trojans, to crack into and ruin your computer. You must therefore be prepared to block them off from ever entering your computer's system at all times.

It is often said that the best cure is prevention. And the saying applies to your computers. If you want to protect your computer from the threat of viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious code, one of the best options to take is setting up a firewall.

What is a Firewall?

Imagine a firewall to be the fence that sits between your computer and the internet, or between your computer network and all the other computer networks out there.

It serves as a defense mechanism against harmful codes or data that may destroy your computer, and it works by examining the information that attempts to enter your computer or your network.

When a firewall is set up properly, hackers will not be able to detect your computer in their search for vulnerable ones to victimize.

What are the Types of Firewalls?

Firewalls are generally divided into three categories: software firewalls, hardware routers, and wireless routers. To know which kind of firewall is suitable for your needs, there are two factors on which your decision should depend on:

1. The number of computers that your firewall will service

2. The kind of operating system that you use (it can be Linux, a version of Windows, Apple Macintosh, and so on).

Choosing a Software Firewall

If you are planning to set up a firewall for a single computer, it is ideal to use a software firewall. It also works well with most Windows operating systems. They are readily available from software development companies for a certain fee.

Some of the advantages of a software firewall include:

- No additional hardware is required for it to work
- There is no additional wiring that needs to be installed for the software to work.

However, there are also some disadvantages to deciding on using a software firewall:

- A software firewall may cause money and can be a bit costly
- You will need to install and configure the software to get it to work properly
- If you have multiple computers, you will need to install the software on each one of them to get them protected.

Choosing a Hardware Router

If you are planning to protect a small network of computers, say in your home or at a small office, a hardware router is probably more ideal for you.

The main advantage of using a hardware router is that they are more convenient to use for multiple computers as they usually have at least four network ports to which you can connect a number of computers.

However, its major disadvantage is that because of all the wiring that you will have to setup for it to work, it will potentially clutters your work space.

Choosing a Wireless Router

If you want a wireless network of computers, you would definitely want it protected by a wireless router.

Some advantages of using a wireless router include

- No wiring will be required, so it avoids clutter. It can connect personal computers, printers, scanners, without the use of any physical wiring.
- It is ideal if you want to protect a set of laptops, notebook computers, and desktop computers

Some of the disadvantages of using a wireless router include:

- The radio signals that wireless devices use (including wireless routers) can be intercepted by other individuals with the right equipment
- Wireless routers are not always equipped with a built-in firewall, so you might have to purchase a firewall separately
- You might have to purchase extra equipment to set up a wireless router

Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista are already equipped with a built-in firewall, but older versions of Windows as well as other operating systems require that you set up a separate firewall.

Setting up a firewall is recommended to any computer owner, especially to those who have very important data stored in their computers. Often the question lies not on whether you need a firewall or not, but instead on which type of firewall you should set up.

Article Source:

About the Author

James Yee Owned a Web Hosting Business and shares about PC security. Protect Your PC Now! Click Here!

Article Tags: pc security, antivirus, computer security, anti spyware, pc registry, system utility, spamware

Vinefie is a lie

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Q1: Where will Vinefire get the money to pay everyone?

Postby The Architect » Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:29 pm
In a nutshell:

Vinefire has always planned to be acquired by a larger company.

The purchase price of this transaction is expected to be well into the millions of dollars (US).

Upon selling Vinefire, we will pay out all member earnings from the proceeds of that sale.

More details:

As many of you have stated. We don't have the cash on hand to pay out everyone today.

That is 100% correct. That was never part of the plan for Vinefire.

The worth of Vinefire is growing rapidly: with every new member that joins; with every link that is clicked; with every vote that is cast. Every day Vinefire is growing in value and becoming a more and more desirable asset for a larger company to purchase.

The earnings listed in your account represent a projected value...basically "your share" of Vinefire's worth. This value is determined for each member according to their activity level and those numbers are run through our Business Valuation Model.

The earnings figures may have to be adjusted up or down depending on several factors, but we have done our best to accurately portray the earnings of all members to this point in time.

As mentioned above, the goal of Vinefire has always been to be acquired by a larger company once we grew a large, dedicated member base. When a larger company buys us out, we will use the sale proceeds to pay out member's earnings and keep the remainder as profit for the founders.

That is why we set the original payout date of January 31, 2010. We expected that was enough time to grow Vinefire big enough to sell it.

Then we heard the cries, "A year out! Oh no! I can't believe it! It's a scam!"

Many members didn't realize that the first payout date was that far off...and when they found out, they got scared and lost trust.

We made some mistakes along the way, and that's one thing we would change if we could go back. We would have made the payout date more clear to the members upon well as the reason why.

Fast forward to today...

Vinefire has grown much faster than we anticipated. It has been phenomenal really...and it's no surprise why.

It works.

People who post their ads on Vinefire get results. We pass on literally hundreds of thousands of clicks to Vinefire member's websites per day. Our web hosting costs are constantly rising.

Our rapid growth has caused some "growing pains" along the way, but it has also paved the way for us to possibly bump up the payout date to June 1, 2009.

Yes, that's less than two months away!

We are currently in talks with a company that would like to purchase Vinefire and expand the benefits available to all Vinefire members. To keep things simple, we're going to refer to the company that wants to buy us as "Company X" from here on out. (Because, due to signed legal agreements we are bound from revealing their name).

The people at Company X have known about Vinefire since nearly the beginning and have been closely watching our growth.

They like the idea behind Vinefire and most of all are impressed with our rapid growth, our dedicated membership, and results the members have been reporting on blogs. However, they say that Vinefire is still too small for them to purchase. If they are going to buy us, we have a lot of growing to do.

So, they're going to stand back and wait for Vinefire to grow. Upon meeting some specific growth goals, they would be willing to acquire Vinefire and the total purchase price would be well into the millions of dollars (US). We can't give exact numbers here, but, if Vinefire continues to grow rapidly, we will be able to pay out all members everything they have earned upon the sale of Vinefire. This sale could happen as soon as Monday, June 1, 2009.

Please don't assume that the payout date has moved to June 1, 2009. It is simply a possibility...if we are able to reach certain growth goals. This includes things such as the number of new members, listing upgrades (Yellow Star, etc.), verified accounts, etc.

We're not sure that Vinefire can grow fast enough to meet the target set by Company X. If the target isn't met, we'll have other opportunities.

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The Architect
Site Admin

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Annoying Web Pages

How annoying it is to visit a website to find that it is totally devoid
of any meaningful content, or is has pages that have obviously been
ripped off from other websites. You know this because this is the tenth
time today you have read the same bit of information. You got here
through a search engine, so how come? Search engines are supposed to
select for original content, so perhaps they are using some other
magnet to attract the bots and get ranked.

What these websites do have are pages and pages of advertisements and
their only motivation is that you will click on some of them.
Presumably somebody does click on these adverts otherwise over time the
sites would surely disappear, but it is a mystery why, after you have
wasted your time coming here, you are going to reward the webmaster by
clicking on his Google AdSense or other networked ads.

AdSense is a great way in which webmasters can participate in the Paid
Search Marketing movement and make some a little cash. This is an
entirely legitimate and honourable pursuit. All he needs to do is sign
up to the AdSense (or similar) program, install a little JavaScript on
his webpages and wait for the bots to visit. The bots will sort out
what the webpage is all about and display ads there that are related to
the content. At least that is their intention; they don't always get it
correct often with some hilarious results.

As the content is relevant to the website, and the website is providing
some original and interesting material that your visitor came to
peruse, it is fair enough that he might clicks the ad. He might even be
sufficiently interested in the information that he clicks it out of
gratitude, a sort of altruistic gesture to reward you for providing
such entertainment. That's great. You've made a few cents, even a few
dollars if the keyword used in the original search was one of the
higher paying ones. Some keyword phrases have been worth almost $50 a
click which is shows there is decent money to be made for pay per click campaigns.

Nothing wrong with that at all; it's just those annoying content devoid sites that spoil the party.

Article Source:

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Calling interim justia is pointless

They have no power to do anything. And all they have done is buy a debt from a company and try to ad more money to it i had lots of letters from them and they all went in the fire and i have heard no more about them. they will write maybe a few times for about 3 weeks then you hear noting any more.

Building Vs Outsourcing your Data Center

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Author: Fred Mapp

This white paper presents a detailed description of best practices for you to consider in developing your organization’s data center strategic plan.

It includes:

- surveys of your peers on data center issues

- information about how to manage growth, business continuity and costs

- tactics for determining your core competencies related to data center management

- strategies for leveraging data center outsourcing to maximize your return on investment


A majority of IT organizations, who are faced with the fast pace growth of their businesses and keeping up by providing “state of the art” applications and technology within the data center, find that building and maintaining the data center is a full time job.

Unfortunately data centers are increasingly limited in capacity, and building out new capacity is often cost-prohibitive for many companies.

The Business Proclamation:

Building and operating a Data Center is purely an outsourcing project, especially given the amount of resources involved that relate to real estate, power and cooling. Why? Because chief information officers (CIOs) have more strategic, higher value work on which to focus.

The Background:

Outsourcing all or portions of the data center is emerging as a very important strategic lever available to today’s CIOs and COOs to address growth. Data center outsourcing can genuinely help overcome many of the cost pressures faced in these tough times, as well as help to implement critical information technology initiatives cost effectively despite IT budget freezes.

The Association for Data Center Managers (AFCOM), an organization that provides education and resources for data center professionals, predicts big changes looming for data center managers, based on the results of a recent member survey. If their forecasts come to pass, data center managers will face some serious challenges in the years ahead: Power failures, service disruptions and a shrinking talent pool of technical staff are some of the key predictions AFCOM made based on recent member survey responses.

Here’s a summary of the survey findings that are expected to have a major impact on future data center operations:

1. By 2015, the talent pool of qualified senior level technical and management data center professionals will shrink by 45%.

2. By 2010, more than half of all data centers will have to relocate to new facilities or outsource some applications.

3. Over the next five years power failures and limits on power availability will halt data center operations at more than 90% of all companies.

4. By 2010, nearly 70% of all data centers will utilize some form of grid computing or other virtual processing.

5. Within the next five years, one out of every four data centers will experience a business disruption serious enough to affect the entire company’s ability to continue business-as-usual.

So what can be done?

What are world-class data centers doing to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than their peers? This white paper presents a description of best practices for you to consider in developing your data center strategic plan.

As an example, understanding the critical business challenges is the first step in developing the data center strategy. Included in this data center whitepaper are surveys of your peers on data center issues, and topics about how to manage growth and business continuity, as well as how to manage costs and determine core competencies.

Soon it will not be justifiable for businesses to manage their own data center, because the price of outsourced data center services will be too attractive to ignore.

You need to consider letting data center outsourcing experts incorporate best practices and process improvements that can achieve true economies of scale.

This data center report was written by leading CIO, Fred Mapp, and is sponsored by i/o Data Centers. To download a free copy of this data center management report, please visit:


About the Author:

Fred Mapp served as CIO at various Fortune 100 companies and is presently a consultant and motivational speaker with more than 40 years of experience in IT. He has held key positions at IBM, InfoSpan Corporation, American Express, Honeywell, AMD and the World Congress on Information Technology. His book, Mapping Information Technology to Your Business, was published by Groundbreaking Press.To find another Related Article "click here"

Article Source: - Building Vs Outsourcing your Data Center.

Antivirus Know how

Author: Carl Atkinson

If you are familiar with bogus antispyware applications, personalantivirus is another you should add to your list of programs to avoid. This program claims to scan your pc for security threats and infections, but it absolutely cannot detect any such thing. This is a rogue program designed by hackers with the intention to rob innocent users of their money. In is installed by the Trojan Zlob.

Applications like PersonalAntivirus display warning messages to pc users in an attempt to frighten them. These messages will tell you that your pc is infected with all sorts of security threats and parasites. At this point, the hackers hope that you will download the free scan to scan for additional threats. Once you do this, the program will inform you that the infections are so severe that you must purchase the full product for complete removal.

The truth is that rogue applications like these cannot detect anything, and the results displayed to you are false. More than likely, there are no infections on your pc. If you do purchase the program to remove parasites and restore security, it cannot perform these functions either. PersonalAntivirus is totally useless, and a waste of money.

Whether you do actually have spyware or this rogue program residing on your computer, it must be removed promptly. Manual removal is not recommended, unless you are an expert on computers or know a professional. If not done exactly right, you can actually cause severe damage to your pc. It is a delicate process that is best left to someone who has the expertise to perform the necessary steps for removal.

Fake programs like this one look very legitimate to the average pc user. They can be very convincing, but you should never download anything that displays messages to you through a pop-up window – especially if they are warning you that infections are on your pc. Try to exit these windows if possible. There are other signs you will notice if PersonalAntivirus has been installed on your computer.

Some things you may notice are a sluggish computer performance and numerous warnings. Other than this, your browser may redirect to strange websites, or your attempt to visit a website of your choosing may be blocked. When you suspect something is wrong, it probably is. Swift removal is crucial to prevent more malware being installed, as well as to protect your personal information.

A legitimate antispyware tool will scan your pc for parasites and other security threats. Once detected, it will remove the infections and restore security to your computer. Some programs aren't technologically advanced enough to completely remove all traces of infection, which leaves your pc at risk. Spyzooka is the only application that guarantees 100% removal of all parasites with only one scan. It also protects your pc from future threats, and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

To scan your pc for free and find out if you have personalantivirus click here.

About the Author:

Carl runs a site devoted to helping you rid your computer from all sorts of spyware and malware at

Article Source: - Personalantivirus – A Rogue Application That Should be Avoided

Paypal Fraud and Paypal Email Scams

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Author: Kaisilver

This article is written neither to promote nor criticize the Paypal online mode of payment. With the rapid growth in the number of Paypal users, frauds and email scams on Paypal accounts has become more frequent and severe. Our network team has put together a report on the current Paypal frauds and Paypal email scams being perpetuated by various groups of fraudsters. We also offer advice for users of Paypal to help them reduce the chances of becoming victims of such frauds and scams. As the usage of the internet has increased in handling online transactions, both buyers and sellers need to become aware of safe practices to operate online payments or online receipt of funds.

To access a Paypal account you need to have the username and password of the account. The username of a Paypal account is the main email address (primary email address) used to register the account. The owner of the account would also set up a password to be used along with the username to access the account. The security system is quite secure as long as the username and password of the Paypal account are known only to the actual owner of the account. If these details are available to anyone else it would mean that the security of that Paypal account has been compromised. Anyone acquiring the username and password of any Paypal account can access and perform all functions that the actual owner of the account could do.

In this article we will try to explain in simple terms how confidential login information of an actual Paypal account owner can be robbed and misused. We will then provide important and simple suggestions that would reduce the chances of such a fraud being committed on your Paypal account.

(a) Being careless with your information: This type of Paypal fraud can be committed very easily and does not require too much effort on the part of the fraudster. Users very often write down their login details for various websites with the fear of forgetting them. Anyone having access to these written details can login to the Paypal account and treat the account as if it was his own. Another possibility that could easily open a Paypal account to fraud is when the user selects a very simple or easy password that can be easily guessed. People with bad intentions need to make a few guesses before they arrive at the correct password to enter the Paypal account. These are the simplest ways in which a Paypal fraud can be committed and they do not require any email scam to be done.

(b) Identity theft through a Paypal email scam: Paypal phishing or identity theft as it is commonly known, involves an attempt by a fraudster to extract the login details of a Paypal account from the actual owner of the account. Armed with these detais, the fraudster can be very dangerous as full control of the Paypal account can be excercised. In this case, emails will be randomly sent to many email addresses informing the receiver of a certain activity in their Paypal account. For these Paypal email scams to work, the receiver of the email will need to login to his Paypal account by clicking a link on the email. The exact contents of each Paypal email scam might differ but the objective remains the same. Once the user clicks the link in the email, he is taken to a web page that closely resembles a regular Paypal login page. This page is infact a fake and is hosted by the fraudster (not Paypal) with the sole purpose of collecting confidential login details from the actual owner of the Paypal account. If the owner of the Paypal account falls for this trick, his account will soon be operated by the fraudster and this could lead to heavy losses. Attempts to phish Paypal accounts have become quite common and each time a fraudster unleashes his cruel trick a number of innocent Paypal accounts become victims.

The above two methods account for a major share of Paypal frauds and Paypal email scams being committed in recent times. It is not very difficult to stay clear from these frauds and we provide some useful suggestions to help you. You really do not have to give up using your Paypal account with the fear of it being misused or phished by someone else. The internet provides numerous advantages when it comes to selling and buying online and to surrender these benefits to a pack of fradusters would be sad.

Avoiding Paypal fraud and Paypal email scams.
(1) About your Paypal password: Choose a password that is not very easy to guess. Using your first or last name for your Paypal password is not a very good idea. Paypal frauds can be committed easily if you note your pass word in places that are accessible to others. Change your password periodically and whenever you suspect that you have become a victim of a Paypal email scam or other type of Paypal fraud.

(2) Clicking links to login: Never click links on emails to access your Paypal account. Always use your web browser and type in the complete name of the Paypal website to login. Paypal email scams urge you to click a link on the email and access your website. The login information is then saved to a website that is not a Paypal website. This allows fraudsters to login to your Paypal account and make transactions on your account.

(3) Periodic account check: Login to your account periodically and look for any strange or unexpected transactions. The transactions could relate to a receipt or payment of money. If you notice any abnormal movement in your Paypal account, consider it to be a Paypal fraud and inform Paypal immediately. Also change the password immediately to reduce the chances of further damage.

(4) Logging out of your account: If you are in the habit of logging into your Paypal account and then leaving the active account minimized on your browser, you could be helping someone commit frauds on your Paypal account very easily. Such security lapses do not require email scams or other methods. Always logout of your Paypal account once you have finished working on it or when you will not be using it for a couple of minutes.

Follow the above suggestions and you will be pleased with the results. Your Paypal account will be a lot safer and you will at the same time, reap the benefits of transacting online. The contents of this article have been compiled by the network team at Kaisilver. We request you to forward this link to all your friends and acquaintences, they will be grateful that you let them know about a safe way to work with their Paypal account.

You can see the complete report on Paypal fraud and Paypal email scams at this link:

Thank you for taking this time to read this article.
Ms. Roit

About the Author:
Ms.Roit is network assistant at the world's largest online source for highend custom jewelry. All jewelry can be made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with gemstones of your choice. You can also send in images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

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Have You Been Infected With General Antivirus?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Author: Carl Atkinson

Do you think General Antivirus is protecting your pc? Think again. This is a rogue application that is a clone of Internet Antivirus Pro. While it does look convincing to users, it has no capability of removing viruses or security threats from your computer. It is simply one more scam designed to take innocent people’s money. Don't download it, and don't pay for it.

Typically, General Antivirus will advertise aggressively to the user, informing them of numerous security threats and infections. It will offer to scan your pc for infections. If the user falls for this scam and downloads the software, it will then inform you that the security problems are so severe that you must purchase the licensed product in order to completely remove the parasites.

This application cannot detect any viruses or infections on your pc. The results that are displayed are totally fabricated, and in fact your computer may not have any infections at all. However, General Antivirus itself can be dangerous, so you will need to remove it. Don't trust it to restore security to your pc, or you will be very disappointed and short a little more money.

Where does this malicious software usually come from? Most often, users either get it from clicking on the free scan to download the software. These pop-ups are annoying and constant, but many people fall for it. It may also be installed secretly by trojans, without your knowledge. Either way, it must be removed immediately.

Manual removal is possible, but not recommended. This requires someone who is extremely knowledgeable and a professional in this area. To remove General Antivirus, you must block certain sites, stop and remove processes, search and delete files related to this application, unregister DLL files, etc. There may be hidden files, registries and running processes on your pc, which will cause this program to recreate on reboot. It is a delicate process that is not recommended for the average pc user.

To remove this application, a reputable antispyware product is indicated. Authentic programs will scan your pc for trojans, viruses, worms and other security threats. Once scanned and detected, it will remove the parasites and restore security to your computer. The main problem with most of these applications is that they are not technologically advanced enough to remove all threats, which means you must purchase an additional program to finish the process.

When you believe that General Antivirus or some other rogue software resides on your pc you should absolutely get rid of it as soon as possible. Some of these applications are very dangerous, and can cause further damage to your pc. The only real answer is to find an antispyware product that is known to work with only one scan. The best ones will offer a 100% guaranteed to remove infections and totally restore security. Nothing less will do.

To scan your pc for free and find out if you have General Antivirus click here.

About the Author:

Carl runs a site devoted to helping you rid your computer from all sorts of spyware and malware at

Article Source: - Have You Been Infected With General Antivirus?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Understanding The Differences Of Adware, Spyware And Anti-Viruses
25.07.2008 | Author: DebAllen |

If you are like me you understand that Adware, spyware and computer viruses are all bad for your computer but you do not really know the differences between them. Until recently all I knew was that I wanted my computer to run efficiently and do what I wanted when I wanted it to.

I really was not too concerned with anything else. That is, until I started having problems, big problems! Not only was my computer running slower but it was freezing up! I was told by different people that I needed to try to locate where I had downloaded my problem.

I began reading about the three possible culprits, Adware, Spyware, and Anti-viruses. I found out that Spyware is software that does not harm your computer, at least not intentionally. Spyware creates pathways in which someone other than the computer owner can communicate with the computer.

The normal function of Spyware is to record the various types of websites that you visit; this information is used by web advertisers. Of course they will be sending you unwanted emails and pop-ups. So essentially Spyware is not good but it does not harm your computer.

That is your word of warning, avoid Spyware whenever possible! As the name implies, Spyware actually have their own programs that allow them to record your keystrokes, scan your files, look at applications you use, and even your Web browser settings. What an invasion of privacy! In some cases the Spyware author may even sell this information to advertisers or other parties, thinking nothing of taking such liberties with your information!

So how do you know if your computer is infected with Spyware? One clue may be that it suddenly slows downs. This slow down effect would be very noticeable. Other signs include pop-up ads that are not related to the site you are viewing, very often they are ads for adult content. Your basic desktop may take longer than usual to load. If you notice any of this I suggest that you scan your system immediately

Let us talk about Adware now. Adwares are often legitimate forms of freeware. However, you need to be aware that adwares are advertising materials which are pre-packaged into a software or program. This means that the advertisements are installed automatically when the particular software or program is added to the computer application.

Okay, now for the worst of the three, the dreaded computer virus. Computer viruses can be very destructive. That is what they are designed for. I have no idea what pleasure the creator gets from that but none the less that is the purpose. Just as with a human virus, a computer virus infects as many of the applications and components of the computer that it comes into contact with as it initiates self-replication. But it does not stop there; a computer virus can be passed from one computer to another and another, that is how you got it, right?

There are many products available today that offer protection for your computer. But even those products do not insure your complete protection. Some only provide Spyware and Adware scanning and others claim to focus on particular computer viruses. It is wise to scan your computer often. Use a good protection system, including a firewall system.

Want to know if your computer is infected? Scan your PC for free by following this link:

Debbie Allen is a writer, internet marketer (visit: and personal coach.Technology Blogs - Blog Rankings

An Online Data Backup Service Can Save The Day

Friday, May 8, 2009

Author: daniel

When you work on the Internet, there are safeguards that you need to take and one of them is all about making sure that you can carry on business in cyberspace with a reasonable assumption of security from day to day. See, it doesn’t matter if the information that you need is from the cubicle next door or from across the world, you need to rest assured that an online data backup service will save the day if need be.


And that generally means that you’ll need to do a bit of shopping for the right one. First off, you’ll cant be dissuaded by those who say that all you really need for a remote backup service is a blank CD Rom. As convenient as that might seem to be, it’s just not true. Although these can save your data, they are susceptible to being lost or stolen and that puts them far behind the remote backup ideal.

So it becomes clear that the remote backup is the one that has all of the professional attributes that you’ll need and them the job becomes how to go about selecting the ones that’s right for you. Well, beyond the usual features that you’ll want to loo over, there are some other things that separate the best from the rest where these remote backups are concerned.

Look at the firms flexibility. Now it ’s not a secret that some of the places cater to the larger clients and that means that some of their products might be out of the price range of the small to medium sized business. So what you’ll want is to get as good look at the price range that the company is offering so that you can see if it suits your firm.

Then you’ll want to make sure that the palce has the best features. Now here that generally means that they’ve got great software and a security package that includes an above average data stroage facility. Remember that when you’re looking for the best in these storage facilities it’s always best to have a few points in mind and these include:

Cisco Firewalls. You want to be sure that you’re getting the best when it comes to this type of feature and all the experts suggest that you look for the brand names here. HP Servers. Again, it’s necessary to look for the best here and with a name like HP you can’t help but know that you’re in good hands.

About the Author:

Remote Data Backups CEO and Founder Daniel M. Dugal has brought a formal IT education to his online data backup service. His experience has made him an industry leader in remote backup technology.

Article Source: - An Online Data Backup Service Can Save The Day

Open Source With presentation

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Author: PKP IYER

Of all the open source operating systems, LINUX heralded an era of freedom from licensed softwares and signalled the end of the road for monopoly softwares from the giant Microsoft. With the arrival of LINUX and its many versions, users got themselves liberated from the shackles of Windows operating systems and soon found that they could edit and tinker with LINUX to generate new versions of the famous OS. Linux has gained an unexpectedly large amount of interest in the home market over the past two years. This could be due to any number of reasons including, it's both free and open source, almost all applications are free and open source, the stability is unsurpassed, the code is constantly revised, updated and added to by a numerous amount of programmers across the world. Linux is undisputable a giant in the OS world, with just the name Linux being a symbol of stability and security. With the interest in Linux growing, many new distributions have surfaced offering easy installation and configuration. Well-established distributions such as Redhat are also striving to meet the same goals.

Linux is an operating system and therefore is the basic set of programs and utilities that make the computer run. Some other common operating systems are Unix (and its variants BSD, AIX, Solaris, HPUX, and others); DOS; Microsoft Windows; Amiga; and Mac OS.Linux is Free Software. In a nutshell, software that is free in the sense that Linux is distributed along with its source code so that anyone who receives it is free to make changes and redistribute it. Users are free to make copies of Linux and give them to friends, it's also fine to tweak a few lines of the source code.The only catch is that the user who modifies it has to necessarily make available the source code to all users. Linux is not owned by anyone. One misconception many first-time readers have is that this site,, is similar to, which is owned and controlled by the company that produces the Windows operating system. No one company or individual "owns" Linux, which was developed, and is still being improved, by thousands of corporate-supported and volunteer programmers all over the world.

Users are generally provided with Linux distribution that contains not only the basic Linux operating system, but also programs that enhance it in many ways. Anyone who wants to put together his or her own Linux distribution is free to do so, and we know of more than 200 different Linux distributions that fill special "niche" purposes. But we advise new users to stick with one of the five or six most popular general-purpose Linux distributions until they know a little about what Linux can and can't do. You can get Linux from a number of online software repositories, including the official Web sites for each distribution. It helps to have a fast connection and a CD burner so you can quickly download an .ISO image of the distribution and burn it onto a CD. You then can load the bootable installation programs that lead you, step by step, through the process of getting Linux on your computer.

The more popular distributions are available in many computer stores and directly from each distribution's publisher. The convenience of a distribution on CDs, including manuals, generally makes your first installation so much easier that it is well worth the money.

Linux boasts of some of the best free online support for its operating system.Take advantage of some free, expert technical support: the Linux Users Group, or LUG. The heartbeat of Linux support, and of Linux itself, is the LUG. There are LUGs in almost every country in the world, where you can get Linux advice and help from people who live near you, speak your language, and are willing to donate their time so that new users can learn about Linux without going through any more head-scratching than necessary.Each LUG operates independently and has its own style and meeting schedule. Note that if there is no LUG close enough for you to conveniently attend meetings, most LUGs maintain email lists you can join and use to get answers to any Linux questions you have.

The best-known corporate GNU/Linux distribution is REDHAT. Mandrake Linux
was the first Linux distribution that worked hard to make Linux easy for ordinary desktop users. Freely downloadable version available; commercial versions have pre-integrated sofware packages and are easier for first-timers to set up than the download edition. There are other distributions like Fedora, Debia, Knoppix,Suse, Slackware, MEPIS, Gentoo and so on.

About the Author:

PKP Iyer, Editor, Excellone Technologies ( ) and Java Development India ( ). Our company offer Technology solutions using Java such as SPRING, J2EE, J2ME for Software Application Development and IT Outsourcing services from our offshore software development centre in India.

Article Source: - Era of Open Source Softwares-linux

Monday, May 4, 2009

Introduction to Firewall Security System

Author: james burns

A firewall is a software application, located at a network gateway server. It offers a unique level of protection from nasty virus and virus infected programs that rely on unwanted incoming traffic aiming at attacking computers. It does so by blocking communications targeting to access your system without your permission.

Some of the operating systems by Microsoft like Windows XP and Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003 offer a free firewall for users to protect their computers. They are known as Windows Firewall and allow connections from home networks and restrict the efforts taken to access your PC.

Windows firewall primarily aims at maintaining traffic between computer networks of different levels. It works the most efficiently if provides with proper configuration. Since, it does not cost to use Windows Firewall which comes bundled with your operating system, you must turn it on.

In case you are opting for the firewalls like Norton, McAfee, Zonealarm, or Comodo, you must choose it according to your work and personal requirements. After selecting the firewall comes it installation. Installing a firewall requires careful consideration and planning because this security system is most often placed in a critical path within a network topology. The next step requires you to configure firewall .

If you have any confusion while installing the firewall, you may contact computer help centers. They are certainly better options than doing the whole procedure wrong. With a high proliferation of online computer support

services, you need not search for them anywhere except the Internet. The list of good computer support centers will come over after you type the keywords such as ‘computer support’, ‘technical support’ or ‘online computer help’.

Computer help centers not only help you with the firewall installation but also get its configuration done in no time. Moreover, they are available 24x7. Some online computer help centers offer you a complete package of computer support services which include everything you want for your computer and its security. All these features make them superior as well as preferable over calling an expensive technician at your premises or taking your system to any computer repair showroom.

About the Author:

I am an online microsoft windows technical support specialist for iYogi, a leading IT support company Headquartered in India, iYogi provides Tech support via phone and remote access for home and small business users globally. Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that we use everyday.

Article Source: - Introduction to Firewall Security System