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Have You Been Infected With General Antivirus?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Author: Carl Atkinson

Do you think General Antivirus is protecting your pc? Think again. This is a rogue application that is a clone of Internet Antivirus Pro. While it does look convincing to users, it has no capability of removing viruses or security threats from your computer. It is simply one more scam designed to take innocent people’s money. Don't download it, and don't pay for it.

Typically, General Antivirus will advertise aggressively to the user, informing them of numerous security threats and infections. It will offer to scan your pc for infections. If the user falls for this scam and downloads the software, it will then inform you that the security problems are so severe that you must purchase the licensed product in order to completely remove the parasites.

This application cannot detect any viruses or infections on your pc. The results that are displayed are totally fabricated, and in fact your computer may not have any infections at all. However, General Antivirus itself can be dangerous, so you will need to remove it. Don't trust it to restore security to your pc, or you will be very disappointed and short a little more money.

Where does this malicious software usually come from? Most often, users either get it from clicking on the free scan to download the software. These pop-ups are annoying and constant, but many people fall for it. It may also be installed secretly by trojans, without your knowledge. Either way, it must be removed immediately.

Manual removal is possible, but not recommended. This requires someone who is extremely knowledgeable and a professional in this area. To remove General Antivirus, you must block certain sites, stop and remove processes, search and delete files related to this application, unregister DLL files, etc. There may be hidden files, registries and running processes on your pc, which will cause this program to recreate on reboot. It is a delicate process that is not recommended for the average pc user.

To remove this application, a reputable antispyware product is indicated. Authentic programs will scan your pc for trojans, viruses, worms and other security threats. Once scanned and detected, it will remove the parasites and restore security to your computer. The main problem with most of these applications is that they are not technologically advanced enough to remove all threats, which means you must purchase an additional program to finish the process.

When you believe that General Antivirus or some other rogue software resides on your pc you should absolutely get rid of it as soon as possible. Some of these applications are very dangerous, and can cause further damage to your pc. The only real answer is to find an antispyware product that is known to work with only one scan. The best ones will offer a 100% guaranteed to remove infections and totally restore security. Nothing less will do.

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