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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Understanding The Differences Of Adware, Spyware And Anti-Viruses
25.07.2008 | Author: DebAllen |

If you are like me you understand that Adware, spyware and computer viruses are all bad for your computer but you do not really know the differences between them. Until recently all I knew was that I wanted my computer to run efficiently and do what I wanted when I wanted it to.

I really was not too concerned with anything else. That is, until I started having problems, big problems! Not only was my computer running slower but it was freezing up! I was told by different people that I needed to try to locate where I had downloaded my problem.

I began reading about the three possible culprits, Adware, Spyware, and Anti-viruses. I found out that Spyware is software that does not harm your computer, at least not intentionally. Spyware creates pathways in which someone other than the computer owner can communicate with the computer.

The normal function of Spyware is to record the various types of websites that you visit; this information is used by web advertisers. Of course they will be sending you unwanted emails and pop-ups. So essentially Spyware is not good but it does not harm your computer.

That is your word of warning, avoid Spyware whenever possible! As the name implies, Spyware actually have their own programs that allow them to record your keystrokes, scan your files, look at applications you use, and even your Web browser settings. What an invasion of privacy! In some cases the Spyware author may even sell this information to advertisers or other parties, thinking nothing of taking such liberties with your information!

So how do you know if your computer is infected with Spyware? One clue may be that it suddenly slows downs. This slow down effect would be very noticeable. Other signs include pop-up ads that are not related to the site you are viewing, very often they are ads for adult content. Your basic desktop may take longer than usual to load. If you notice any of this I suggest that you scan your system immediately

Let us talk about Adware now. Adwares are often legitimate forms of freeware. However, you need to be aware that adwares are advertising materials which are pre-packaged into a software or program. This means that the advertisements are installed automatically when the particular software or program is added to the computer application.

Okay, now for the worst of the three, the dreaded computer virus. Computer viruses can be very destructive. That is what they are designed for. I have no idea what pleasure the creator gets from that but none the less that is the purpose. Just as with a human virus, a computer virus infects as many of the applications and components of the computer that it comes into contact with as it initiates self-replication. But it does not stop there; a computer virus can be passed from one computer to another and another, that is how you got it, right?

There are many products available today that offer protection for your computer. But even those products do not insure your complete protection. Some only provide Spyware and Adware scanning and others claim to focus on particular computer viruses. It is wise to scan your computer often. Use a good protection system, including a firewall system.

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