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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They provide you with your connection on the Web and you are Supposed to be happy with it.But when you are having problems they are not around to help.I have used some of these sites for an example.take a look at Eircom Broadband.
This Company followed the trend like in most countries of Selling out, Formally a State owned company called Telecom √Čireann,.Now they are Irelands Leading Broadband Provider. OK well if you look at the Quality of the homepage it is no better than a iGoogle or my yahoo page just filled with Widgets and Adsence .Yes the poor Company has to use adsence to produce revenue. Not forgetting a custom search "How Cheap can they be". I know times are a little hard with this ressision but an I.S.P have to use Adsence and custom Search. The problem also with this site is that Broadband it not so easily Availible in Ireland. Yes many people still use Dail-Up. Now imagine that page with it's Flash Advertisements and widgets trying to download with a 56k modem. Yes some poor guy who is having a connection problem is going there to look for help. Happened me lot's of times. I was going to Check my Line for broadband . In Ireland we have an bonus The Goverment has this thing called the National Broadband Scheme.
And all The Dail-up Users Are Waiting for it.

But they don't have to worry because in the meantime the can get Mobile Broadband From hutchison whampoa company i am sure this will work. Now the three website is diffrent because they are really a mobile phone network. this is what support they give . Not much is it and try looking for tweaks for this HSPDA . Not much just people selling you something that nobody knows much about .And no matter how much you search on the web there is no good answer.Yes this is too all I.S.P Providers i guess it's time you provided Us with Some help that is easily Found so we continue to use your products.

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