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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Author: Carl Atkinson

If you are familiar with bogus antispyware applications, personalantivirus is another you should add to your list of programs to avoid. This program claims to scan your pc for security threats and infections, but it absolutely cannot detect any such thing. This is a rogue program designed by hackers with the intention to rob innocent users of their money. In is installed by the Trojan Zlob.

Applications like PersonalAntivirus display warning messages to pc users in an attempt to frighten them. These messages will tell you that your pc is infected with all sorts of security threats and parasites. At this point, the hackers hope that you will download the free scan to scan for additional threats. Once you do this, the program will inform you that the infections are so severe that you must purchase the full product for complete removal.

The truth is that rogue applications like these cannot detect anything, and the results displayed to you are false. More than likely, there are no infections on your pc. If you do purchase the program to remove parasites and restore security, it cannot perform these functions either. PersonalAntivirus is totally useless, and a waste of money.

Whether you do actually have spyware or this rogue program residing on your computer, it must be removed promptly. Manual removal is not recommended, unless you are an expert on computers or know a professional. If not done exactly right, you can actually cause severe damage to your pc. It is a delicate process that is best left to someone who has the expertise to perform the necessary steps for removal.

Fake programs like this one look very legitimate to the average pc user. They can be very convincing, but you should never download anything that displays messages to you through a pop-up window – especially if they are warning you that infections are on your pc. Try to exit these windows if possible. There are other signs you will notice if PersonalAntivirus has been installed on your computer.

Some things you may notice are a sluggish computer performance and numerous warnings. Other than this, your browser may redirect to strange websites, or your attempt to visit a website of your choosing may be blocked. When you suspect something is wrong, it probably is. Swift removal is crucial to prevent more malware being installed, as well as to protect your personal information.

A legitimate antispyware tool will scan your pc for parasites and other security threats. Once detected, it will remove the infections and restore security to your computer. Some programs aren't technologically advanced enough to completely remove all traces of infection, which leaves your pc at risk. Spyzooka is the only application that guarantees 100% removal of all parasites with only one scan. It also protects your pc from future threats, and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

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