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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is annoying on my yahoo and other such things Web pages I just want to see the links and there is this stupid flash advertisement on the screen so I can't see all the links. Yes it's a wonder why I don't use Yahoo so much anymore there a way of stopping these you also get the in live mail, I have seen numereous videos on you tube relating to this and have searched through countless blogs most of them telling all the same thing. Use Adblock plus in firefox the thing is I have it installed so I have to look for another plugin. Or maybe there is another simple solution. Flash ads are Smart and a Plug-in is not going to work all the time.
I am sick searching for ways to stop these so what I do is I just hide them.

Underneath is an ad for example where I have right clicked on a flash ad .All I have to done is Deselect Play and loop and click Rewind and its Gone till the next time you load the page. You must repeatedly do this but it will save you much more time than searching the internet watching you tube videos and restarting your browser for a plug-in that will not work and cause problems with other content you wish to view on the Web.This will not work on all ads but if it works on one, It's one less bugging you.Now here is a song


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