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Annoying Web Pages

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How annoying it is to visit a website to find that it is totally devoid
of any meaningful content, or is has pages that have obviously been
ripped off from other websites. You know this because this is the tenth
time today you have read the same bit of information. You got here
through a search engine, so how come? Search engines are supposed to
select for original content, so perhaps they are using some other
magnet to attract the bots and get ranked.

What these websites do have are pages and pages of advertisements and
their only motivation is that you will click on some of them.
Presumably somebody does click on these adverts otherwise over time the
sites would surely disappear, but it is a mystery why, after you have
wasted your time coming here, you are going to reward the webmaster by
clicking on his Google AdSense or other networked ads.

AdSense is a great way in which webmasters can participate in the Paid
Search Marketing movement and make some a little cash. This is an
entirely legitimate and honourable pursuit. All he needs to do is sign
up to the AdSense (or similar) program, install a little JavaScript on
his webpages and wait for the bots to visit. The bots will sort out
what the webpage is all about and display ads there that are related to
the content. At least that is their intention; they don't always get it
correct often with some hilarious results.

As the content is relevant to the website, and the website is providing
some original and interesting material that your visitor came to
peruse, it is fair enough that he might clicks the ad. He might even be
sufficiently interested in the information that he clicks it out of
gratitude, a sort of altruistic gesture to reward you for providing
such entertainment. That's great. You've made a few cents, even a few
dollars if the keyword used in the original search was one of the
higher paying ones. Some keyword phrases have been worth almost $50 a
click which is shows there is decent money to be made for pay per click campaigns.

Nothing wrong with that at all; it's just those annoying content devoid sites that spoil the party.

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