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Problems with online Shopping

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Almost every one of the 8 billion pages on the Internet there is Someone trying to sell you something or telling you how to make money online. But for many people this can be a problem here are some of the reasons why

1 People don't like to give out their credit card number there are the many Reasons.

2 People don't have a Credit Card here are Some reasons why

3 People can' open a Paypal Account because they don't have a Bank Account

4 Bank Accounts are not so easy to open in many European countries.

5 Prepay cards like Ukash and 3V are useless in most cases

6 Prepay Visa is not Available in Every Country despite what you read online.

Yes there are many reasons why many people can't buy online and why that money is not being generated in web sites.Maybe somebody will come up with a better idea someday but until then lots of us have to do without online shopping.


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