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Are Computers a Help or a Pest ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While I was trying to come up for an idea for this blog. There was one thing I had forgot to do that was strange as it may sound,That was to get away from Technology for a while it seems to distract you from your thought or ideas and kill your creativity. It's very helpful at times but it can become a very disturbing resource in our lives. So far I see I have made two mistakes which I will correct before I publish this but I am not going to correct till I have my thoughts out on this screen. Yes you know what I mean that letter for the job you seen on the Newspaper today, you were coming home on the bus everything was all laid out in your head you were going to go home and write out you application for this position. So you came home a little tired and said to yourself no I have to get this done now. The computer powered up you started your word processor and were getting to work, everything was running smoothly but then you seen a red line under a word OK I didn't spell that correctly then you notice the green lines the grammar is not right. So you do a spell check and find out that the dictionary is not installed instead of ignoring it you go look and do what the computer is telling you to do. Please insert the Microsoft office CD and install the dictionary. But wait you can't find the CD because after the problems you had installing it you threw it to the side and hoped you would never see it again. Then you have everything up and running except your brain. Yes all that waiting and installing has killed whatever confidence in yourself and it's gone now.
On the bus you were Ben Johnston and then came the test to destroy everything.


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