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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ebooks for extra cash

Author: Rickshaw

Making an extra income online is easier than you think. One of the easiest ways to generate cash is with information products. These products can take many forms, ebooks, MP3's, videos etc. But the easiest by far is the ebook.

Ebook stands for electronic book, or in other words a book in the form of an electronic file, which can be sent to a customer instantly 24 hours a day, any time, day or night, so you could be earning money whilst you're tucked up in bed fast cool is that.

Ebooks can be purchased for very little money, a great many will give you the rights to re-sell the book, you can then sell the ebook for as much as you like and pocket all the cash. This is the easiest route to take without doubt.

You could also write your own ebook and sell that online, obviously this is more time consuming, but very satisfying. There is a free application called Openoffice in which you can lay out the ebook into chapters etc, then with the click of the mouse, convert the document into a PDF file, which is the way in which most ebooks are presented and downloaded by your buyer.

A free Paypal account needs to be opened, Paypal is widely accepted throughout the world and safe. The ebook could be sold through Clickbank for example, for little money, or your own website.

Promote your ebook/books through blogs, your website etc, there are so many ways in which to promote your products, again, time consuming, but some effort is required to an end result.

Hundreds of quality VERY reasonably priced ebooks can be found on my site....good luck.

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