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Speed tweaks for mobile broadband dongles and dail up

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If you have a 56k or dial up modem. Download Free Cabelnut know also to work with 3mobile and other mobile broadband services. Just click on the link to get the Direct Free Download From Cabelnut .
After you have Downloaded put in these commands:Also i have more tips below

DefaultReceiveWindow = 8192
DefaultSendWindow = 4096
DisableAddressSharing = 1
InitialLargeBufferCount = 20
InitialMediumBufferCount = 48
InitialSmallBufferCount = 64

LargeBufferSize = 40960
MaxFastTransmit = 6400
MediumBufferSize = 15040
PriorityBoost = 0
SmallBufferSize = 1280

TransmitWorker = 32
FastSendDatagramThreshold = 1024
EnableFastRouteLookup = 1
EnablePMTUDiscovery = 1
IgnorePushBitOnReceives = 0
GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize = 8760

MaxFreeTcbs = 4000
MaxHashTableSize = 8192
MaxNormLookupMemory = 1500000
SackOpts = 1
SynAttackProtect = 1
Tcp1323Opts = 0
TcpLogLevel = 1

MaxDupAcks = 3
TcpMaxHalfOpen = 100
TcpMaxHalfOpenRetried = 80
TcpRecvSegmentSize = 1460
TcpSendSegmentSize = 1460
TcpTimedWaitDelay = 30
TcpUseRFC1122UrgentPointer = 0
TcpWindowSize = 8760
MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server = 8
MaxConnectionsPerServer = 4
DefaultTTL = 128
DisableUserTOSSetting = 0
TcpMaxDataRetransmissions = 6
DefaultTOSValue = 90

You will notice a slight increase in speed but Don't expect faster downloads About 6.o kb/s is possible also if you are using Dial up Internet It is a must to have a Download Manager or use Firefox or Opera which has an Intergrated Download Manager.Some find Flash Get or Bit Torrent and Emule better ,But i find the download manager in Firefox Enough. Another option is onspeed which claims to boost all connections I doubt it, In some countries you can get a free trail if you can't in yours save your money. There is one thing i seen that does work and it's Free. That is Open DNS this work by Storing millions of cached Pages meaning they will download faster to your connection.Also if you have a Google account Sing in while you Search you will see an X beside the results click it so these pages will not apper again when you Search.You Know yourself what i mean These Sites That Claim to Speed up your Connection with some program that costs Time and Money to Download and dont work.Here is also a list of the Dial up FAQ .Another thing i almost to forgot to tell you was that using a "Tabed browser" like Firefox and Opera is very important as they can preload the pages before you read them.There is a Tweak using gpedit.msc that Microsoft reserves 20 % of your bandwith for updates even if it is turned off. I will let you decide on that yourself. Finaly turn off images this will help pages load faster it's easy to do just goto options to turn them off and when you want to see a image turn them back on .

If you are using a 3mobile Broadband or three as it's called to some .
It can be pain full using this one minute everything is going great then Gone . HSPDA comes and goes just when you are looking at something like video . A 3,6 mbps connection that is never there its Hard to find answers T. C .P optimizer seems to do a little.But the problem is the signal
not the Connection Speed the site Speed test i never got Anymore Than 1, 90 mbps.
That was in the morning . Some say that the signal is better on a cloudy Day
The main site for H.S.P.D.A Doesn't give much information about how to get better reception . Only that you use it near a window

something i found that kept the reception a bit better was Tin Foil and a high speed
USB Cable the white one for the Huawei E160 is Not so good Try a different cable if you have one , that is my experience it all comes down to where you are and what time of day it is. Personally I would not bother too much with dongles ,If the service is there the modem should pick it up . When
it comes down to the crunch the three mobile service is a the Jekyll and Hyde of Internet connections.


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