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Twitter Scams

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yes I just came across another stupid fake splash page.This one was claiming to get you 10 million Twitter followers.Really 10 million followers please you have to be joking.imaging 10 million Twitter Followers.That would be useful,But the thing about using twitter if you update your blog use the RSS.Once i made a tweet about a blog I came across I found it interesting straight away I received a Negative Response because the other Twitter User thought I was Promoting my own Blog.His Response was to use the RSS and he is Correct.I should have used the RSS but the Thing is.Twitter What is It? There has been nothing online like this before,So when a relatively new Tweeter joins.The first thing he will see is those people with 1000's of followers.Twitter can be a very useful Tool for promoting your blog.Looking over my tweets I don't beleive I have ever tweeted about my blog.Why because the same way I would view the Tweets from other Tweeters.i.e If I use twitter to promote my blog and you use Twitter to Promote You Blog.Twitter would be full of Blog Promoters.Promoting blogs is ok but not if they are your own.I wrote this Because I am no Good at tweeting if I am no Good At Tweeting I will not get Many Followers.So I just Need some software to Help.So I see a chance of Getting 10 million Twitter Followers and all I have to do is answer the following Two Questions and I could Get 10 Million Twitter Followers.Look it's simple just answer these 2 little Questions.

Please enter your Twitter Username and Password
Twitter Username:
Twitter Password:

So easy isn't it just to give away your password and Username to something that might not work.
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