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Finding a Job With Agencies

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The chances of finding employment now is getting slim.It would be nice to get a position in a Top Company,But when this does not work there is another option.Employment Agencies can be a great place to find work. Allthough many vacancies are not full time work they can help you gain experience.

There are many International Agencies Such as Manpower and Adecco who offer Employment in different Careers and non Qualified Work.But you can also find Marketing Agencies,IT Specialists even Catering which I have Worked in so I will use this example to show you how Employment Agencies Work.

Bill is a Guy who Called in Sick Today to his Boss Tom.
Tom needs work done but Bill is Sick and can't come to Work.
Tom Calls Manpower and tells him Bill his Chef cannot come to work and He needs somebody to fill in for the week in the company.You are registered with Manpower as A Chef Looking for Work.
Then Manpower Call you and Send you to Work with Tom for the Week.
Next week you get a Job in another Kitchen with another company and So on.

But it's not always like that sometimes a company thinks they need more Staff and hires People for Short Term Employment to see if they Really need extra employees.You do a Trail Peroid for just say 6 weeks and if they find that they do want employees then you have a full time position with companies.

So if you can't find your Dream Job try Employment or Recruitment Agencies they might have Something to offer your career.
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